Technology That Turns Driver into Passenger

The goal of the project is the design, development and prototype production of the future driving system Steer-by-Wire, which will activate the fifth level autonomous diriving. With Steer-By-Wire the mechanical linkages between the steering wheel and the wheels are eliminated.

Steering angles are perceived by sensors and the wheels operate with the help of the engine connected
to the steering gear.

Thanks to this, Steer-by-fire promptly takes controls of the drive in case of danger, keeps the vehicle
on road and ensures a safe and comfortable drive.


Flexible Automotive Architecture
Enhanced Driving Precision and Control:
Variable Steering Mode depending on
Environmental Conditions
Safer: Collision Avoidance, Improved Maneuverability 
Shorter Breaking Distance
Better Fuel/Battery Efficiency
Lower Emissions

What Makes Us Different from our Competitors

The first Steer-By-Wire system with a road approval will dominate
the market.

With Steer-By-Wire, all the unnecessary mechanical connections
between the steering wheel and the wheels of the vehicle are
eliminated. Steering wheel position angle and rate of turn is
measured by sensors and the wheels are and electrically controlled
motors are used to change the direction of the wheels.

 It can be easily integrated into any autonomous vehicle: Although
many of these systems have an autonomous driving function,
its integration is more complicated. In our design, the integration
into the autonomous driving function will be easier.

 None of our competitors develops their own Autosar software

 Normally, all other solutions use CAN network communication,
while we use Flexray communication protocol which has
high-speed, capacity and safety.

break distance