Diagnostic and Power Manager

Heart of Every Automotive System

-> It is vital to detect, mitigate and eliminate the existing risks in the automotive systems.

-> Diagnostic and power management is the key element of every automotive system.

-> Development is complex and costly.

-> You can easily configure and integrate our Diagnostics and Power Manager software modules into your system with the help of our interface.

Main Features

Error Memory and Management

  • It stores and manages all errors in the system and the ECU

  • It saves all error entries with all details

UDS for Diagnostic Testers

It provides also UDS, which can be reached from the diagnostic tester, in order to cover the needs of your system tests.

Error Detection and Reaction

  • It detects the system-specific errors and triggers the reaction

  • It brings your system into the safety mode if needed

Power Manager

  • It manages the system life cycle.

  • It monitors the level of the power supply.

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